Winter Solstice Call


19/10 – 18/11

During the darkest period of the year Winter Solstice Call invited us to reflect upon the use of street lighting in our contempory cities. WSC has shown that creativity and citizen action are great ingredients to take out the most of existent local resources and serve to transform our daily urban environments creating unique and special atmospheres that last in our collective memory.

Dates: from the 19th of October to the 18th of Novembre

Opening event: Wednesday, October 19

Time: 10am- 7pm

Location: Higher Technical School of Architecture , Oñati Sq.2 Donostia

Sparkles on a Winter Night


Winter Solstice Call (WSC) is a diverse set of temporary and ephemeral lighting installations.

During the winter solstice, which is the darkest time of the year, the regular lighting of La Concha Promenade will be transformed thanks to subtle artwork. The idea is to encourage us to reflect on the lighting model used in our cities and promote a more sustainable and responsible consumption of energy.

As well as art installations, there will also be workshops for designing (alternative) architectural lighting and guerilla actions where the public can play, experiment and learn how to momentarily transform the appearance of the city by using alternative lighting methods.

s u a r t e z

s u a r t e z is born to bring alive Winter Solstice Call project, an event framed on the activity cycle of San Sebastian, European Capital of Culture 2016 which is also an official activity for IYL2015, International Year of Light declared by UNESCO. We propose an alternative festive outdoors lighting installation where people become core resource.

From lighting designers to coppersmiths, passing through local school kids upon many others, s u a r t e z Lighting Commons is a multidisciplinary team that brings this initiative alive. New and old collaborators are always welcome!

We aim to improve our surrounding urban environment making use of local resources, imagination, design thinking and why not, having fun.


The Team

Creative Responsible, Nora Imaz came up with all this mess when finishing her Architectural Lighting Design studies somewhere close to the Artic. Thanks to some fantastic guidance on KTH School Winter Solstice Call was born.

She is supported by great collaborators such as creative designers, skilful developers and expert project couching.

She is supported by great collaborators such as creative designers, skillful developers and expert project couching.

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