WSC Exhibition

WSC Exhibition

During the darkest period of the year Winter Solstice Call invited us to reflect upon the use of street light in our contemporary urban surroundings. WSC has shown that creativity and citizen action are great ingredients to take out the most of existent local resources and serve to transform our daily urban environments creating unique and special atmospheres that last in our collective memory. Get a deeper taste of WSC clicking here.


To sum up Winter Solstice Call experience, an exhibition is set up containing pictures, videos and installation material developed throughout the design and development process.


Dates: from the 18th of February to the 3rd of March

Opening event: Thursday, February 18

Time: 10am- 7pm

Location: Elektra showroom, Claudio Delgado 8 Gros, Donostia.

ORGANISING: DSS2016 + XYZ Diseño Integral + s u a r t e z  SPONSORING: Elektra Group  PHOTO: DSS2016 + XYZ Diseño Integral + s u a r t e z