Hirikilabs Plaza – D.I.Y.

Hirikilabs Plaza – D.I.Y.

Hirikilabs-Plaza is a meeting place for the development of projects thanks to an interaction in between individuals, groups and communities around. People have the chance to meet, investigate, share and use the space, equipment and/or resources from Hirikilabs in an open workshop format as to make creative ideas reality following DIY (DIY) to D.I.W.O (do it with others) methodologies.

s u a r t e z  proposes a 2D/3D design project applied to hacking the existing urban lighting in a specific area of the city. The aim is to make a series of urban interventions with material developed in Hirikilabs Plaza.

Winter Solstice Call develops an alternative lighting installation for public space. La Concha Bay being a vital space for the inhabitants of Donostia, it is the chosen place for intervention. The space gets a special atmosphere and becomes inspiring and attractive thanks to subtle variations in everyday nightscape appearance, always maintaining coherency with existent night image of the city

Several interventions along the bay form a solid unit as a whole.Hirikilabs-Plaza gives us the opportunity to work on one of the areas.

Concha Shelter is perceived as a neglected place especially during winter nights. We propose to alter the environment of the covered section, rehabilitating it and making it more comfortable and attractive to the visitor. This is achieved hacking existing lighting diffusers placed on each column in between arches.

After testing different materials and digital manufacturing processes on Hirikilabs workshop, we decide to create a set of 2D and 3D diffusers to transform the area.

We design fractal geometric shapes using vector drawing programs and cut polypropylene plates by laser cutting. We choose an opaque material to create back lit silhouettes. The idea is to create a sequence of 2D images that create an optical effect through the passage.

This sequence is lead by a 3D object that stands out from the rest of luminaires and draws visual attention. We use fluorescent methacrylate plates that create colorful bright volumes and shiny edges. We create volumetric objects assembling pieces that come out from laser cutting and fit them together in a specially designed diffuser plate.

ORGANISING:   s u a r t e z + Hirikilabs + DSS2016EU , COLLABORATING: Maite Basterra, Igor Etxegarai, MªAngeles Reinales