Kontadores Brigade

Kontadores Brigade

Collaboration with Kontadores Youth Centre and thanks to the support of Donostia 2016 Foundation we continued with our mission of spreading the power of light.

This team really got to transform the surrounding area of Kontadores in Bidebieta, a neighbourhood on Donostia-San Sebastian. We gathered a smaller group than usual this time which happened to reveal a great talent creating meaningful light installations.

The area offered the chance to choose dark and neglected places which resulted to be perfect for our action!

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We began with some beautiful stairs located in Zumardi Promenade. It is usually a dim crossing space that became more attractive by lighting up its stone built structure melted on natural surroundings. Washing border walls with, different light tonalities and directing light beam with elliptical filters, texture revealed. Lighted up trees got to complete a balanced scene.

Next we approached some other staircase where spiral shapes and a surrounding cage showed a different strong character.

Positioning some of the torches into the ground and making them stable, participants could hold other lamps and direct them towards several elements. Mixing warm and cold tonalities the space got more volume and climbing up became irresistible. A slight wash on the cage, brought some metallic sparkle out.

Afterwards, we moved to next place, San Luis Parish. It is a humble building that presents interesting elements and architecture.

To underline those dramatic bending surfaces, we directed elliptical beams towards vertical corners creating an illuminated background. The bell tower bacame a central element and to remark it we created a play of shadows.

To complete the scene, we warmly washed a lower stone wall together with a great tree where leaves became to sprout, as spring arises!!

We ended up our mission in Kontadores Centre, an industrial and blackened building. Just to give you some context, the area is located in an industrial port where many people came to reside in tall buildings decades ago.

The backyard close to the entrance was the last chosen place due to its rough and dim ambience. Remarking vertical, horizontal and diagonal surfaces the space got vivacity. Putting some colour helped us creating some visual coherency on the space. As a last touch of identity, we draw a cross sign on the big façade making this building more visible and attractive from the outside.

This adventure continued with some imaginative light painting where fantastic drawings where created. Go for it Kontadores!!!

ORGANISING: s u a r t e z + DSS2016EU, Ziortza Basaguren + KONTADORES, Sara Ruesgas, Imanol Orikain COLLABORATING: Enara Aranbide, Iker Huegun PHOTO: Gorka Bravo VIDEO: Heidi Otaduy PARTICIPANTS: Debora Del Rio, Miren Chocarro, Asier Castro, Eneko Bustamante, Javier Delgado, Ibon Alcoz, Jorge Pineda, Igor Gomez Etxegaray, Igor Arabaolaza, Junkito, Jon Aizpurua, Beñat Arizmendi, Maria Billante