Lighting Design Lab

Lighting Design Lab

Last April the 16th, we organised a Lighting Design Laboratory in Kontadores Youth Centre, located in the outskirts of the city.

This lab was part of a two day workshop where we shared lighting design basic principles, deepening on the matter of light sources, and later we made a guerrilla as to take knowledge to practice.

We gathered a proactive and motivated team of mixed backgrounds and together shared diverse perspectives; from theatre lighting visions, to architectural knowledge and everyday users´s observation. Everything counts!

To better understand properties of the different light sources, we had built a demonstrator containing several types of sources, such as bulbs, leds, fluorescent tubes, metal halides, etc. Each of them was placed in a separate cube, together with coloured objects. This way participants could make appreciations by comparison.

They approached this learning tool with ferocity and had great fun dismantling it all and touching lighting equipment. Sharing impressions, doubts and discovering their own reality, got to better understand the impact of different light sources through the space.

Guys, sure next time you are more conscious when choosing lamps for your special moments!!

ORGANISING: s u a r t e z + DSS2016EU, Ziortza Basaguren + KONTADORES, Sara Ruesgas, Imanol Orikain COLLABORATING: Enara Aranbide, Iker Huegun PHOTO: s u a r t e z  PARTICIPANTS: Debora Del Rio, Miren Chocarro, Asier Castro, Eneko Bustamante, Javier Delgado, Ibon Alcoz, Jorge Pineda, Igor Gomez Etxegaray, Igor Arabaolaza, Junkito, Jon Aizpurua, Beñat Arizmendi, Maria Billante