“Lighting in the rain”

“Lighting in the rain”

Last 24th of March we attacked Antiguo neighbourhood. We gathered on the University of the Basque Country as they were celebrating Cultural Day. Architecture students formed a considerable group, ready to walk the streets under pouring rain.

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We began on Antiguo Parish which is the heart of the area. After switching off part of the street light we directed our flash lights towards many of the details this building possesses lighting up stairs on the entrance, arches and border columns. We could reach the bell tower and enhance its corners positioning further away and wash stoned facade from the very near.

Afterwards, we went to Zubimusu Park, a quiet and dim area. We splitted up our team into two levels as to reach different element on our surroundings. Team one lighted up the upper part where a sculptural wall and trees merged. We put some warm and slightly colourful smooth tones that contrasted with the sharp beam thrown toward kids’ sculpture. Team two washed the structure underneath, and directed elliptical beams towards the small bridge and its connections. We got some fantastic reflection on the pond.

Submerged in mud we played with crystal balls and their reflections throughout the forest. Brave team !

We moved on our wet feet towards the next stop. Even if we turned off some of the lamppost this street and road are highly illuminated and our flashes couldn´t win the battle. The fact that trees were completely bold didn´t help on the scene composition either. Next time we could choose some other type of vegetation or wait for spring to sprout.

To end up with the adventure we came back to university campus and give some sparkle to another building. We washed the façade using warm tones that contrasted with colder tonalities used to enhance the horizontal plane. We complete the scene using elliptical beams on entrance sides and putting some diffused light on the surrounding field and trees. This time we made a good choice as we found big green trees!

Dear team, hopefully you had the chance to get your feet dry after some good dancing on your ArkiFesta party, thanks for completing the mission!

ORGANISING: s u a r t e z + DSS2016EU Ziortza Basaguren + UPV/EHU ARKITEKTURA GOI ESKOLA TEKNIKOA/ESCUELA TECNICA SUPERIOR DE ARQUITECTURA Juan Jose Arrizabalaga, COLLABORATION: Enara Aranbide, Iñaki Albistur, Raquel Ares PHOTO/VIDEO: Heidi Otaduy, Gorka Bravo PARTICIPANTS: Ibai Riol Izagirre, Miriam Sanchez, Aitor Cengotitabengoa, Ane Arrizabalaga, Irati Millan, Maialen Landa, Aitor Ballarin, Jon Madariaga, Maiane Dos Santos, Martins, Aizea García, Irati Gómez, Isabel Alonso, Ana Oliver, Ainhoa Aranburu, Ander Guerra, María Arango, Gabriela, Sanchez-Jara, Alex Arregui, Asier Gurruchaga, Ainhoa Riol Izagirre, Naiara Lázaro Garrardo