Olatu Talka 2015

Olatu Talka 2015

Olatu Talka cultural festival is part of the activity cycle of Donostia, European Capital of Culture 2016, which promotes civic participation projects.

Prompting citizens´capacity for urban intervention and interest in architectural lighting design, we have developed a two-day workshop at Kontadores Youth Center. This time citizens themselves are the creators of a lighting instalation.

We developed a lighting proposal for the entrance and façade of the building. We shared fundamentals of lighting design and worked on the basics of a design process. After making a spatial analysis of Kontadores, we have set ideas through sketches and test them on site using proffessional luminaires.

Thanks to the support of iGuzzini we have had the opportunity to work with professional lighting equipment such as projectors, uplights, wallwashers and the latest products on the market.


PARTICIPANTS: Celia Raposo Santana, Jaime Mayo, Igor Arabaolaza, Beñat, Pablo del Valle de Lersundi, Miriam Otamendi, Ana Martínez, Maite Basterra

ORGANISING: Olatu Talka!!! + Kontadores + s u a r t e z

COLLABORATING: iGuzzini                PHOTO: s u a r t e z