WSC tour ends up in Kursaal Auditorium

The tour culminates in the Kursaal, whose luminous facade communicates the message Winter Solstice Call: Light for darkness.Due the visual impact of the building as well as its role on the city as a referent landmark and touristic point of interest, Kursaal’s façade is the right place to spread the message.

It is a translucent volume that being lit from its inner part can be visualized from the outside after sunset. Lighting is kept for several hours even when the auditorium is closed as it is already part of city’s night image.

A colour gradient is created using coloured filters that are placed on existent luminaires. Opaque silhouettes compose a message in four different languages to communicate WSC values to inhabitants.

To sum up Winter Solstice Call experience, an exhibition is set up containing pictures, videos and installation material developed throughout the design process. Click here to see the exhibition!
PHOTO: Gorka Bravo