Concha Promenade

Concha Promenade


Directing light where it is needed


Concha’s Promenade is a special transit zone being an iconic urban space of Donostia-San Sebastian. It is not only a space to pass through but it is also a place for contemplation through the bay.

A metallic shell-like cover redirects light beams towards the pedestrian pathway. Copper coloured interior reflects orangish tonalities and dimming down existent light levels.Thanks to a re-direction beams going towards sky and beach are redirected increasing the intensity upon promenade.European Capital logo is represented thanks to small holes on the back part of the shell that at the same time allow points of light to be visible from the beach and beautifying the structure. Besides, they allow air to pass through for cooling bending reasons.

31 pieces are constructed to adapt to existing lampposts situated on first coastal line. The prototyping process is developed at Mendizabala Institute where students from different manufacturing methods merge forces to create the first functional reflector. To follow the “making off” process for this prototype click here.


COLABORATING: Mendizabala Institute + Soldaduras Canoca

PHOTO: Gorka Bravo + s u a r t e z