Bicentennial Square

Bicentennial Square

Thousands of hand crafted candles create a giant horizontal sculpture

This ephemeral lighting installation consisting in more than a thousand candles enhances the architecture of a privileged viewpoint in Concha Bay. Candles provide a dim light at ground level that invites to look through Concha Bay with a new perspective. It is a symbolic act that invites inhabitants to reflect on the potential that light has on the perception of our urban environments and the citizen power that is able to create new urban scenarios; “The sum of single candles bringing light for all of us”.

An open call is previously done to different local schools to prompt children collaboration into Winter Solstice Call. Using temperas, colourful papers, stickers and many other materials children decorate recycled glass pots and gather around two thousand pots all together.


COLLABORATING: Amara Berri, Deutsche Schule, The English School, Aitor Ikastola, Arantzazuko Ama, Aiete Ikastetxea, Jakintza Ikastola, San Ignacio de Loyola, Ikasbide

PHOTO: Gorka Bravo + Heidi Otaduy + s u a r t e z