Pico del Loro

Pico del Loro

From a crossing space to a meeting place

Many cultures have worshiped light in one way or another. Basque oral legacy tells that on the past it was usual to hear people crying around mountains, especially during long winter solstice nights. This is why it is believed that our ancestors tried to awaken the sun at the darkest period of the year. Even in our contemporary cities, Christmas lights could be a sign of worship making use of existent urban resources and some creativity Winter Solstice Call makes a redesign of festive lighting environments.

Following WSC Concept Pico del Loro is filled with reflections and shadows which resemble to an underwater cave. Existent fluorescent lamps are covered with blue filters changing and dimming down existent tonalities. Additional projectors are directed towards disco balls hanging through the tunnel. Mixing warm and cool tonalities, the space gets alive and full of underwater tonalities.


Additional material used for this installation: 2 x Gantom One, 2 x Gantom Gobo, 2 x Artemis ACDC, 1 x Artemis ACDC and three mirrored balls. Additional consumption: 100 W


PHOTO: Gorka Bravo + Heidi Otaduy + s u a r t e z