Concha Shelter

Concha Shelter

A neglected shelter becomes a colourful kaleidoscopic gallery.

Concha Shelter is perceived as a neglected place especially during winter nights. The common atmosphere of these covered pathway is softly transformed into a more sensual and comfortable one as to attract people to walk through it and enjoy the view of the bay.This is achieved by hacking actual luminaires which are recessed into columns in between arches. A combination of 2D and 3D images are implemented to the existent diffuser panel. Fractal geometric shapes are designed and cut into polypropylene plates which create back lit silhouettes.

The ideais to createa sequence of2Dimagesthat createan optical effectthrough the passage.This sequenceis leadbya 3D objectthat stands outfrom the restof luminairesand drawsvisualattention.We use fluorescent methacrylate platesthat create colorfulbrightvolumeswith shiny edges.The design and manufacture process is developed during several workshops together with a group of inhabitants of Donostia thanks to Hirikilabs Plaza program. To follow the “making off” process click here.


COLLABORATING: Hirikilabs; Maite Basterra, Igor Etxegarai, MªAngeles Reinales

PHOTO: Gorka Bravo + s u a r t e z