Mendizabala Institute is a dependent public post-compulsory secondary school Department of Education, Universities and Research of the Basque Government.

In Manufacturing Design Mechanical Module has made the CAD design for the reflector as to be able to build the first reflector prototype with the help of students. Welding and painting departments have collaborated together to achieve the best results.

“The most constructive part has been to manage tocoordinate a diversity of school departmentsManufacturing, Automotive and Maintenance ones andtake out the most from a diversity of students” sais, MattinIñiguez, project manager at Mendizabala.

Several lighting tests are done at the workshop to choose the painting tone that best would suit existing light sources.

To make sure the joint system would resist to harsh weather conditions several tests on site have been carried out.

ORGANISING: s u a r t e z +  DSS2016EU , COLLABORATING:  Mendizabala Institute , PHOTO: Mattin Iñiguez