Video release

At last, it happened, we have a video that shows the fantastic experience of Guerrilla Lighting Donostia and the previous Lighting Workshop. Thanks a lot to all participants and collaborators, now it is time to enjoy results!!

We want to say, THANKS A LOT to all participants, not only for your involvement but especially for your wonderful attitude! It was a smooth cooperation in between all of us and got to enjoy it all the way. If this was a test to see if inhabitants of Donostia and its surroundings were ready for a Guerrilla lighting action, we saw, they truly are and besides, they are eager for action!


Guerrilla Lighting Donostia

Last Friday, 19th of December we gathered a motivated crew and gave some great sparkle to Donostia- San Sebastian! Guerrilla Lighting Donostia is one of the first activities of the project Winter Solstice Call, part of the activity cycle of Donostia, European Capital of Culture 2016.

This time we wanted to test social cohesion aspects and local people’s interest on the matter of lighting and urban interventions, by showing them the power of light!

Awesome pictures were taken, both of the sites itself and also of people on action, which reflect the vivid vibe around. Thanks a lot to Álvaro Valdecantos, Gorka Bravo and Heidi Otaduy for your fantastic snaps!

An open call was made were mostly local people of diverse backgrounds was engaged. We met at the old firefighters’ building and managed to gather enough people to start our mission! We walked towards Bay of La Concha to begin with our route.


Lighting Basics Workshop

On December the 11th, a Lighting Basics Workshop was held at Donostia 2016 Foundation building, organiser of the event based at the previous fire-fighters’ centre in Donostia-San Sebastian.

We had the opportunity to share lighting design basic principles with a diverse team of multidisciplinary backgrounds; teachers, photographers, anthropologists and architecture students among others, showed a great common interest on light and lighting matters.


Stoy Behind

Story Behind
“Once upon a time wintertime remained long and pitch black, when Joxemari climbed up a mountain and screamed out lout for the sun to wake up. Seeing there was no answer he went down to the seaside and asked the ocean for help. After lots of thinking the sea raised up on a vivid wave throwing away all radiant beings hold within. This way Donostia’s bay got painted in splendour for citizen’s welfare and joy.”
Based on the belief that every place on Earth is different and therefore, it deserves to be experienced in some unique way, this project creates an alternative lighting scheme that shows the character of the city of Donostia-San Sebastian, communicates the essence of an ancestral celebration and it is sustainable in terms of power consumption and economic costs.


WSC project begins as a Master Thesis work for Architectural Lighting Design studies developed at KTH Lighting Laboratory in Stockholm. This project is designed and created by Nora Imaz, head of Suartez Lighting Commons and it is part of San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture cultural program. WSC is focused on improving people´s and society´s daily life, by improving our urban environment. For this it makes use of imagination, ingenuity and local resources, involving citizens during the design process and having fun with them. In this sense, Winter Solstice Call aims to inspire and motivate people to create festive lighting scenes that promote local cohesion and generate an active movement that keeps the city alive in this special occasion.