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Author: Nora Imaz

WSC Exhibition

During the darkest period of the year Winter Solstice Call invited us to reflect upon the use of street light in our contemporary urban surroundings. WSC has shown that creativity and citizen action are great ingredients to take out the most of existent local resources and serve to transform our daily urban environments creating unique and special atmospheres that last in our collective memory. Get a deeper taste of WSC clicking here.


To sum up Winter Solstice Call experience, an exhibition is set up containing pictures, videos and installation material developed throughout the design and development process.


Dates: from the 18th of February to the 3rd of March

Opening event: Thursday, February 18

Time: 10am- 7pm

Location: Elektra showroom, Claudio Delgado 8 Gros, Donostia.

ORGANISING: DSS2016 + XYZ Diseño Integral + s u a r t e z  SPONSORING: Elektra Group  PHOTO: DSS2016 + XYZ Diseño Integral + s u a r t e z

Press Release

Between December the 18th and January the 7th the usual night time image of Donostia-San Sebastian´s Bay presents subtle variations thanks to precise urban lighting interventions and several activities that involve inhabitants´active participation.


Hirikilabs Plaza – D.I.Y.

Hirikilabs-Plaza is a meeting place for the development of projects thanks to an interaction in between individuals, groups and communities around. People have the chance to meet, investigate, share and use the space, equipment and/or resources from Hirikilabs in an open workshop format as to make creative ideas reality following DIY (DIY) to D.I.W.O (do it with others) methodologies.

s u a r t e z  proposes a 2D/3D design project applied to hacking the existing urban lighting in a specific area of the city. The aim is to make a series of urban interventions with material developed in Hirikilabs Plaza.



Mendizabala Institute is a dependent public post-compulsory secondary school Department of Education, Universities and Research of the Basque Government.


Olatu Talka 2015

Olatu Talka cultural festival is part of the activity cycle of Donostia, European Capital of Culture 2016, which promotes civic participation projects.

Prompting citizens´capacity for urban intervention and interest in architectural lighting design, we have developed a two-day workshop at Kontadores Youth Center. This time citizens themselves are the creators of a lighting instalation.

We developed a lighting proposal for the entrance and façade of the building. We shared fundamentals of lighting design and worked on the basics of a design process. After making a spatial analysis of Kontadores, we have set ideas through sketches and test them on site using proffessional luminaires.

Thanks to the support of iGuzzini we have had the opportunity to work with professional lighting equipment such as projectors, uplights, wallwashers and the latest products on the market.


PARTICIPANTS: Celia Raposo Santana, Jaime Mayo, Igor Arabaolaza, Beñat, Pablo del Valle de Lersundi, Miriam Otamendi, Ana Martínez, Maite Basterra

ORGANISING: Olatu Talka!!! + Kontadores + s u a r t e z

COLLABORATING: iGuzzini                PHOTO: s u a r t e z

Kontadores Brigade – Video

Here we have the great video filmed and edited by Heidi Otaduy, which shows our great experience in Kontadores Youth Centre last 17th of April. Thanks to the support of Donostia 2016 Foundation we continue with our mission of spreading the power of light.

Light, shadows, colours and lots of talent got to transform the surrounding area of Kontadores in Bidebieta, a neighbourhood on Donostia-San Sebastian. Thanks a lot to all participants and collaborators, not just for a wonderful job but also for fun-tastic moments!!


Kontadores Brigade

Collaboration with Kontadores Youth Centre and thanks to the support of Donostia 2016 Foundation we continued with our mission of spreading the power of light.

This team really got to transform the surrounding area of Kontadores in Bidebieta, a neighbourhood on Donostia-San Sebastian. We gathered a smaller group than usual this time which happened to reveal a great talent creating meaningful light installations.

The area offered the chance to choose dark and neglected places which resulted to be perfect for our action!


Lighting Design Lab

Last April the 16th, we organised a Lighting Design Laboratory in Kontadores Youth Centre, located in the outskirts of the city.

This lab was part of a two day workshop where we shared lighting design basic principles, deepening on the matter of light sources, and later we made a guerrilla as to take knowledge to practice.

We gathered a proactive and motivated team of mixed backgrounds and together shared diverse perspectives; from theatre lighting visions, to architectural knowledge and everyday users´s observation. Everything counts!


“Lighting in the rain” – Video

Last 24th of March we attacked Antiguo neighbourhood. We gathered on the University of the Basque Country as they were celebrating Cultural Day. Architecture students formed a considerable group, ready to walk the streets under pouring rain.

Dear team, hopefully you had the chance to get your feet dry after some good dancing on your ArkiFesta party, thanks for completing the mission!


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